Across the Atlantic: Las Palmas (ES) – Curaçao (CW)

Sail across the Atlantic on board the world’s most beautiful sailing ship and become a part of the circumnavigation One Ocean Expedition in 2021!

For the very first, and perhaps the only time, we offer an open voyage from Las Palmas to Curaçao on board the tall Statsraad Lehmkuhl where anyone can join! A whole month at sea with warm and good sailing conditions across the Atlantic! The fifth lap of The One Ocean Expedition will be a dream voyage with truly unique experiences.

This voyage is the fifth leg of the One Ocean circumnavigation and will take us from Spanish Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the tropical island of Curaçao in the Caribbean. Curaçao is located just outside Venzuela and is an exotic and beautiful destination with crystal clear water, scenic surroundings and summer all year round.

One Ocean: Las Palmas (ES) - Curaçao (CW)

4 Oct. – 4 Nov., 2021

Departure Las Palmas: 04.10.21, at 10:00 am

Arrival Curaçao: 04.11.21, at 10:00 am

NB: Boarding and registration in Las Palmas 3 October, between 15:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Price NOK 48 000,- incl. all meals and accomodation on board in Las Palmas 3. Oct. – 4 Oct.

Accomodation in hammocks

Age limit:

15 years old – in company with an adult

18 years old – travelling alone

Curaçao – a Caribbean paradise! 

No internet
With no internet or telephone coverage at sea, the voyage will be a relaxing and long-awaited “detox” from the everyday focus on digital accessibility and smart phones. (The captain and the ship´s officers, on the other hand, are online at all times, and can communicate with land via satellite phone).

This is the longest open voyage we´ve ever offered where anyone can join us on board. It will be a unique journey, with wonderful nature experiences on board Norway’s largest and most beautiful sailing ship. Besides spotting dolphins and whales and learning traditional seamanship, the nights on board will bring us magical moments. Standing at the helm under a crystal clear starry sky in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, accompanied only by the sounds of the sea and the ship, is truly a wonderful experience.

A unique unity

Surrounded by the sea a unique unity is created on board that becomes part of you, even long after the journey is over. We do our watches together, eat our meals together, take care of one another and sleep side by side in hammocks, as sailors have done for centuries. Cut off from the rest of the world, it´s not just the excitement of rig climbing and the thrill of sailing that make an impression. It´s the people, the interaction and the relationships that are created between them that often make the strongest impression. Many of the friendships created on board lasts for life. During this Atlantic crossing will´ll have plenty of time to learn different sail maneuvers, get to know one another, and just relax and simply enjoy life at sea.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome on the Statsraad Lehmkuhl, regardless of age and previous sailing experiences. You do not have to worry if this is your first encounter with a tall ship! Our skilled and friendly permanent crew will teach you how to participate in sailing maneuvers, mend the helm, set the sail, pull the ropes, climb the rigging (voluntary) and many other skills.

As a trainee on Norway´s biggest sailing ship, you will become an important part of the crew on board. In fact, without the efforts of our trainees, it is not possible to sail a large ship such as Statsraad Lehmkuhl!

In addition to fantastic nature experiences, the extraordinary surroundings and the activities on board provide a sense of achievement quite out of the ordinary.


An environmentally friendly adventure

An adventure with Statsraad Lehmkuhl is an environmentally friendly way of travelling, since nearly 70% of our voyages are completed under sail each year. And with our newly installed revolutionary hybrid battery solution, Statsraad Lehmkuhl is becoming the world´s most environmentally friendly sailing ship in its class.

The tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl 

Statsraad Lehmkuhl was built in Germany in 1914 and is one of the largest, oldest and fastest tall ships in the world. She has served as a training vessel under the Norwegian flag for a century, and we take pride in keeping her in top condition. Sailing this magnificent ship is truly a unique experience. The very special atmosphere and feelings of friendship, seamenship and teamwork will stay you forever.

Welcome on board the fifth leg of the One Ocean Expedition!