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The sailing ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl at sea

Route and tickets

On the One Ocean Expedition, Statsraad Lehmkuhl will visit 36 ports worldwide. Parts of the circumnavigation is open for anyone to join us on board! The rest of the legs are chartered by our partners. See the whole sailing route here!

Currently, there are 3 legs open for everyone to join on board, but more voyages might be announced in the future.

Date: 29.08.21 - 02.09.21. Price: NOK 6000,-

Date: 04.10.21 - 04.11.21. Price: NOK 48 000,-

Date: 01.04.22 - 07.04.22. Price: NOK 61 500,-

120.08.21Arendal, Norway28.08.21La Coruña, SpainSold out!
229.08.21La Coruña, Spain02.09.21Lisbon, PortugalBUY TICKETS
305.09.21Lisbon, Portugal09.09.21Cádiz, SpainChartered
415.09.21Cádiz, Spain30.09.21Las Palmas, SpainChartered
504.10.21Las Palmas, Spain04.11.21Willemstad, CuraçaoBUY TICKETS
608.11.21Willemstad, Curaçao13.11.21Kingston, JamaicaSold out!
717.11.21Kingston, Jamaica24.11.21Havana, CubaSold out!
828.11.21Havana, Cuba02.12.21Nassau, Bahamas Chartered
905.12.21Nassau, Bahamas 07.12.21Miami, USA Chartered
1010.12.21Miami, USA 18.12.21New York, USAChartered

map with sailing route