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The One Ocean Expedition and it´s dedicated partners are monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely. In order to secure a safe expedition, our highly competent Security Committee is continuously conducting risk assessments and adjusting the plans according to the current situation and possible foreseen scenarios.

All over the world, ships continue to sail throughout the pandemic, including our tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. The fleets and ports are adjusting all the time. And as the vaccine is being distributed in large parts of the world, the future looks accordingly better for the expedition and its visits in the various ports.

This means that we continue as planned. Statsraad Lehmkuhl will set sail from Arendal on 20 August 2021, and return to Bergen on 15 April 2023. The homecoming to Bergen launches the One Ocean Week – seven days of conferences, workshops and different activities, all focusing on the UN´s vision of “The ocean we need for the future we want”.

The Covid-19 pandemic still has an enormous impact on the world. In these challenging times, it is more crucial than ever to bring the world´s attention back towards the ocean and its importance for a sustainable future. We intend to fulfil our commitment of performing the One Ocean Expedition, and we hope you will join us, either on board or ashore.

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